Video lights are one of the most important things to invest in if you want to increase the production standard of your video material.

Natural light is an unpredictable beast, and no matter what field you're working in, it's critical to create a pleasing light for your subject.

A decent light allows you to adjust levels of exposure in a scene, allowing you to keep more details in the shades and peaks.

What about the filters and lenses and other gear, you ask? Learn when and how to use camera equipment here.

We've chosen the best Aputure lights in various price ranges, so there should be something for everyone. Let's get this game started!

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What are Aputure lights?

​​Aputure is a leader in manufacturing and creating cinema lighting fixtures, light-shaping equipment, and lighting systems.

Its goods are utilized on movie sets both in the studio and on-site and in cinematography and live production. They sell single-source lights, color-mixing lights, LED panels, on-camera lights, and micro LEDs, among other things.

The 5 best aputure lights to light your videos

1. Aputure LS 1200D Pro

The LS 1200d Pro has a set of 3 reflectors, a light, and a control box. A rolling case for the 1200d Pro is included, as well as a different box for all the other two reflectors.

  • Daylight Bowens Mount Point-Source LED of 1200W
  • Power draw with 1440W
  • 5600K Daylight CCT
  • Optimized Output with 3 Hyper Reflectors: Narrow (15°), Medium (30°), Wide (55° )
  • 0.1-100% Stepless Brightness Control
  • Frequency Selection to Reduce Flicker
  • Lead-Follow Mode for Quick Workflow
  • 4-Fan Modes: Smart/Medium/High/Silent
  • Multiple Control Methods: Sidus Link Bluetooth App
  • Separate Control Box for a Lighter Lamp Head
  • 7.5m Weatherproof Head Cable
  • 6m Locking Neutrik Power Cord
  • Dual Lightning Clamp Quick Release Plates
  • Curved, Disk-Brake Yoke with 360° Rotation
  • Utilizes Universal Bowens Mount Standard
  • Weather-Resistant: Dust & Water Resistant
  • Includes Rolling Case & Reflector Carrying Case
  • Lighting FX like Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, & Explosion
  • Uses linear, exponential, Log, S-Curve dining curves
  • Noisy
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2. Aputure Lightbox 60 x 90

Key specs:
  • 60x90cm (2x3ft) Bowens Mount Rectangular Softbox
  • 53cm (20.8in) Depth
  • Soft Light merit
  • 4-Sided Design good for basic key Light
  • Fast & easy 4-Rod Design
  • 2 Densities of Front Diffusion (1.5 Stop & 2.5 Stop)
  • 45° Fabric Light Control Grid
  • Carrying Bag Included
  • 1.22kg (2.68lbs) Lightweight Construction
  • Competitive price
  • Comes handy in Indoor and outdoor shoots
  • 4-rod construction
  • When taken down, the bowens mount speeding is amazingly fast to pitch and stores flat.
  • Difficult to set-up
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3. Aputure Light Storm C120D II LED Light

Key specs:
  • Color temperature: 5500K
  • Output (2m): 7000
  • LUXPower: V-mount li-ion battery/ AC mains
  • Dimensions: 300x193x124mm
  • Weight: 2,200g
  • Power output of 30,000 LUX at 0.5 meters away
  • Pre-programmed effects
  • Attachable colour filters
  • Mobility
  • High power production
  • Ideal for business use on a daily basis
  • Familiar Bowens S mount fittings
  • Expensive
  • Requires a stand

Aputure Amaran AL-H198 LED Light

It is a 5500K daylight lamp with a 60-degree incident angle. A fading dial is included for altering light output.

One Sony NP-style battery or six AA batteries are used to charge a battery. This robust LED camera light has a rotatable shoe mount connection.

Diffusion and an orange heating filter are included in the package.

Key Specs:
  • 198 LEDs with 60° Beam Angle
  • 5500K Daylight Light
  • 920 Lux Brightness at 3.3'
  • Onboard Dimming Control
  • 20W Maximum Power Draw
  • Accepts Sony NP-Style or 6 AA Batteries
  • Battery Power Indicator Lights
  • Slots for Connecting Multiple Panels
  • Swivel Shoe Mount
  • Diffusion & Orange Filters
  • Included ball head and case.
  • Brightness
  • Less weight
  • Superb color quality, 95+ CRI rating
  • No fan noise,
  • Great price
  • No direct 1/4" screw built into the unit
  • No on/off key buttons
  • No remote access
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5. Aputure Amaran AL-F7 Light

This lamp has a 45-degree beam angle and a color temperature range of 3200-9500K.

Light output can be adjusted from 0% to 100% using the dampening dial. An L-series battery, D-Tap, or USB-C are all options for energy.

Key specs:
  • 198 LEDs with 60° Beam Angle
  • 5500K Daylight Light
  • 920 Lux Brightness at 3.3′
  • Full 0-100% Dimming
  • 20W Maximum Power Draw
  • Accepts Sony NP-Style or 6xAA Batteries
  • Battery Power Indicator Lights
  • Slots for Connecting Multiple Panels
  • Swivel Shoe-Mount
  • Diffusion & Orange Filters
  • Good diffusion
  • Ball head
  • three options for powering.
  • Temperature range( 3200- 9500)
  • Bad zipper
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Rent or subscribe Aputure light

Whether you're shooting full-length films or simple TikToks, properly choosing lights according to your needs will make a huge impact.

A decent light allows you to change exposure levels in a scene, keeping more detail in the shadows and highlights.

Rent or subscribe to the best Aputure lights.

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How to put Aputure lights on the same remote controller?

You can connect them with apps like Sidus link.

What are Aputure lights?

Aputure is a leader in the manufacture and creator of cinema lighting fixtures. It has various lighting products.

Are Aputure lights good for photography?

Yes, they are good for photography and videography as well.

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