Are you planning a corporate video or a commercial? Then you should use an AV script. An AV script can be used to outline all of your intentions when transforming a script into a video.

You can download our AV Script template right here for FREE.

If you want to learn about the different parts of a creative brief, you can read our article explaining it in detail here.

Our AV script template covers everything you need to inform the clients about your plans for the video. You can use it to fully explain the project to the clients to align everyone's expectations.

Our AV script currently works with 15 scenes, which fits a 30-second video. Should you need less or more, you can simply add it to the document itself. Remember that approximately every 3 words count as a second.

Your project probably needs more than just an AV script to succeed. Luckily we have created more film production templates FREE for you right here!

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