The New Aputure Fresnel lens will intensify and strengthen the light coming from an Aputure LS 120d and LS C300d or any of Aputure’s Amaran lamps.

It has a strong reputation for being a reliable light source for a low price- but is it a worthy upgrade from the Fresnel version 1?

Read on for our full review and see whether you should purchase the Fresnel 2x for your toolkit.

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Aputure Fresnel 2X

Powerful and intense lighting source

The Fresnel 2x design features dual optical elements and a 6” front lens. The front and rear lenses are made from solid glass, while the rear lens focuses and magnifies the beam onto the Fresnel.

The lens itself is heavy and quite bulky, but it feels solid and durable when you use it. Do note that bi-color banding does occur.

This happens with the 100x when placed anywhere in-between its 2700K (lowest) and its 6500K (upper) temperature limit.

Aputure Lighstorm

Aputure Fresnel focusing system

The focusing system on the new Fresnel 2x is quite impressive and has been updated significantly since version 1. The Fresnel 2x now has a natural twisting motion to adjust the focus, and the range is now from 12-40 degrees, spot to flood.

Another exciting addition is that the system holds itself in place while shooting. There are no light leaks, and a simple turn can focus the light easily!

The system is accurate, and even at narrower angles, you get a feathering effect that looks natural. You can also purchase Aputure Barn Doors to help concentrate the light even more or achieve nice chiaroscuro effects.

The color accuracy is also precise: it only has a deviation of less than 200 Kelvin across its angle range.

Light output

Here is a numerical comparison for light output on the 2x and version 1. This is done with: 300d with stock modifier 11,200 LUX.

Fresnel version 1
  • Flood: 31,300 LUX.
  • Spot: 55,200 LUX.
Fresnel 2X
  • Flood: 34,200 LUX.
  • Spot: 97,900 LUX.

Just reading the numbers here shows you how substantially brighter the 2x is!

aputure light

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What is Fresnel light?

A Fresnel lens is a type of compact lens. It was developed by the French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel in 1823 to be used in lighthouses.

What does the Aputure Fresnel do?

The Aputure Fresnel is a lens that will strengthen and intensify your light source while filming or videoing. Fresnel lights are known for their intensity and decent price point.

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