Have you ever been in a photo gallery and were immediately drawn to a picture? Have you ever felt like the picture was talking to you?

In danger of sounding weird, I’ve tried it.

That’s the effect an aesthetic photograph.

Now allow me to go into depth of what it means to do aesthetic photography.

What is aesthetic photography?

Aesthetic photography is something that draws other people’s attention to the photo. Something that stands out and has a certain beauty to it.

It can be everything from the colors, the fine lines, the subject in the picture, the light, a movement, or a feeling the image lures out in us.

It’s usually something eye-catching and something that stands out from other pictures.

Aesthetic photography guide

What is the difference between aesthetics and style?

This section will briefly explain the difference between aesthetics and style.

While they share similarities, there are critical differences between them, which is essential to understand.


Aesthetics is often associated with the concept of quality. It catches attention when a viewer is looking at the picture. Like the word beauty, aesthetic can’t be defined in a simple word; it depends on the viewer’s preferences, experiences, and knowledge of the specific thing they are looking at.

Aesthetic is about creating something beautiful of the objects the photographer has to play with. When you succeed in capturing something aesthetic, there will be no doubt that other people will notice your work.


If you have a particular style, it will mean that you have a specific approach when taking your pictures. This style will be influenced by the equipment you use—for example, your camera or the lens you possess.

You must remember that you can have a strong style but no aesthetic in your pictures. If you accomplish both aesthetic and style, your voice in the industry will become a lot bigger.

8  Tips on how to take aesthetic photography

Here are eight tips on how to take aesthetic photos.

These tips are essential to creating amazing aesthetic pictures, but remember that it isn’t the only thing that will help you - you should never forget to trust your instinct when composing aesthetic shots.

1. Focus on symmetry

Tips for aesthetic photography

We people love to accomplish in our lives balance; it’s all about balance. That is why the focus on symmetry is essential to keep in mind when trying to make an aesthetic picture.

When you create symmetry in your images, it will create a natural pleasure in your audience because the symmetry in the image creates a scene of a balanced order.

2. Set composition according to the rule of thirds

The composition of creating beautiful pictures is a fundamental tool. How the scene and subject of the photograph are might be one of the essential elements of aesthetic concepts.

The rule of thirds will help you find a balance in your images. To use the rule of thirds, you must divide your pictures into three qual sections horizontally and vertically; the third is placing your subjects when you capture portraits, or when shooting a landscape, you should put it in the horizon line. This will naturally please the eyes.

3. Use juxtaposition

Guide on aesthetic photography

When you use juxtaposition in your pictures, you create visual meaning in a subject. The way to do so is by posing your subjects or framing them precisely. This will help you to engage your viewers in the picture.

4. Experiment with leading lines

Another thing you should try to do is experiment with the leading lines. This will help you draw the viewer’s eye to a specific point and help them see the beauty in your image.

The leading lines direct the viewer’s focus and capture their attention immediately.

5. Use natural lighting as much as possible

When we take pictures, we know how much light means to the image. It gives something extra special to the photos, something beautiful.

If you want to create some fantastic aesthetic pictures, you should use as much natural light as possible, but if you are in a controlled studio, artificial light can be used as well.

You should get creative with how you set up a three-point-lighting setup using reflectors and bounce boards from natural light.

The light is meant to be framed, experimented and manipulated. I promise you, the light will create a layer of beauty in the picture, which will make it even more aesthetical.

6. Use shadows creatively

Understand aesthetic photography

Another great way to use the light in the picture is by creating shadows. Using the shadows creatively will give the image texture and subjects that will become a part of your picture.

7. Consider color combinations

If you use colors in your pictures, you should know your color combinations. The colors should be in the image intentionally.

The colors you use in your image will significantly impact what feelings come to mind in the viewers’ minds.

The different colors and color combinations have other psychological effects on a viewer. Therefore, you should understand the color theory when creating an aesthetic photo.

8. Undertake the gestalt theory of photography

Last but not least, undertake the gestalt theory of photography. The Gestalt theory is a set of six individual principles that identify how the human brain perceives design elements.

Similarity, continuation, closure, proximity, figure/ground, symmetry, and order.

If you understand the Gestalt theory principles, you will understand how the human brain perceives beauty in design. In this way, you will master aesthetic photography.

Aesthetic photographs

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Now that you've gained a thorough understanding (I hope!) of how you do aesthetic photography, it's time to take your skills further.

Learn all the essentials of photography here.

What is aesthetic in photography?

Aesthetic photography is something that draws other people’s attention to the photo. Something that has beauty and creates emotions in other people.

What is the best camera for Aesthetic photography?

Olympus PEN E-PL6.

Why is photography aesthetic?

Because photography can create beauty and emotions.

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