We’ve pointed out before the reasons that stay at the ground of our belief that access-based consumption is the future, opposed to individual owning of overpriced gear that is quickly left behind by the latest novelties.

Now we’ll narrow it down and focus even more on the four factual benefits that you, as a creator, have when renting cameras, lenses, or any other film equipment from your peers:

  1. It’s economical;
  2. It’s faster;
  3. It’s safer;
  4. It’s personal.

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1. It’s economical

Because we believe in the power of gear, and that it only serves its purpose if intensely used, Wedio offers creators a save of 40% — and sometimes higher — compared to the expenses one normally has when renting gear.

Due to the full transparency that the community offers when setting prices, and having all equipment within the same open market, the prices are regulated by the competition and always remain not only accessible, but also so much lower than it’s otherwise practiced.

All that’s left to you is focus on giving wings to your ideas without making compromises on gear.

2. It’s faster

In just a few minutes, you can find the exact gear you need among the wide range of equipment you can search through: +5,000 listings gathering +€10M in gear value.

No more calling around asking for what you remember others might have, no more e-mails going back and forth hoping to find the equipment you need, and no more random searching through Facebook groups, all wasting sooo much of your time. Under only one roof, you have access to everything you need for your project.  

And if it does happen to search for something that is missing at the moment, you can book one of our Local Heroes to find the equipment for you as quickly as possible. This extra help comes from a free service we offer called Wedio Gear Guarantee that allows you to pass on your worries to us — so we sort them out for you.

3. It’s safer

Every creator’s nightmare when it comes to lending or renting equipment is the possibility of damage. Poor insurance makes you pay and still be exposed to different expenses.

Therefore, within the community, your protection is secured through the world’s first Global On-Demand insurance for film & photo equipment, covering up to €40,000 (DKK 300,000) per rental.

Besides this, all members:

  • are ID verified;
  • can rate their experiences publicly, within our internal platform;
  • have access to transparent terms and conditions.

4. It’s personal

Receiving some quick tips and discussing about your project right before you start shooting is what makes the renting experience count so much more — not only in spared money, but also in the useful quality input that the meetups always generate.

Say you rent an Atomos Ninja V package — 4xNP-f batteries, the ninja in a small rig cage, 2x500GB SSD, sun-hood for the ninja, full HDMI to full HDMI, Micro HDMI to full HDMI, dummy NP-f battery for the DC-power, and a Nato rail to Nato rail clamp — and you’d like to know how many hours you can record on 1500 GB SSD and if there are any particular things to take into consideration.

Who else than the owner would be able to give you better suggestions according to the camera you’re using?

For detailed recommendations, such as using a recorder to bypass the record limit of an A7iii for example, and facts like the camera will stop after 29 minutes, but the ninja will keep on going AND in this situation it’s best to shoot in 4K, using an option called 4K Output Selection, and then choosing “HDMI only” — you get what I mean, right? :)

For concrete facts like these, it would normally take much more of your time to discover the answers by yourself. Instead, together with the renter you’ll have them quickly sorted out.

Having all these in mind, take your time and start exploring the full range of cameras you have access to. Find the gear that goes hand in hand with your next creation and bring it to life.

You can also read more about renting equipment within the Wedio community (available in Denmark, Berlin, Amsterdam, and London), or you can directly join forces with the +13,000 members on your path to your next creation.

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