Are you having trouble adapting your script efficiently?

Then use a script breakdown sheet to help plan and manage the production. This way, your project will pan out smoothly.

Download your FREE template right here!

Do you want to get a better grasp of what a script breakdown sheet is? Then check out our article explaining everything right here.

We designed the sheet to be easy to use straight away. If you want different colour codes or symbols, you can easily change them around. That also goes for the pre-made categories.

If you are still in the early development of your project, then you'll need plenty of documents to make it run smoothly. But don't worry, because we have all the film production templates you need right here.

There you will find other templates like a pre-production checklist or shooting schedule template, which goes hand in hand with your script breakdown sheet.

If you want to know more about the general production of film, then don't hesitate to check our article explaining the basics of filmmaking.

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