Are you looking for a filmmaker to create branded documentaries? Or are you looking for a new collaborator? This list features some of the most creative and hard-working documentary filmmakers in London right now.

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1. Gemma Atkinson

Gemma has won several awards in her over 15 years as a documentary filmmaker. She functions as the creative director and co-founder of the production company Fat Rat Films. She also co-founded DocHeads, which is a multi-purpose documentary organisation. She has made several documentaries that expose social injustices, such as UK Uncut following the protest groups in London.

Check out her production company and their work below.

Fat Rat Films
An award-winning documentary production company based in London and Barcelona, Fat Rat Films is a team of multi-talented, multi-disciplinary individuals passionate about the power of storytelling.

2. Fred Grace

Fred Grace is the other Co-Founder of Fat Rat Films alongside Gemma Atkinson. He is also a co-founder of DocHeads. He created the documentary No Place Like Home alongside Gemma and was threatened with jail time by the British government. The short documentary critiqued the use of detention without trial in the British justice system.

If you want to check out more of Fred Grace's work check out Fat Rat's website below.

Fat Rat Films
An award-winning documentary production company based in London and Barcelona, Fat Rat Films is a team of multi-talented, multi-disciplinary individuals passionate about the power of storytelling.

3. Kostis Nikolas

Kostis is a London based filmmaker who has many types of different films. He has previously worked with the Formula One team Renault Sport. As a documentary filmmaker, he has created Hints of Life which premiered in 2017. The documentary is based on the work of Rebecca Bathory, an award-winning photographer and urban explorer.

If you want to check out more of his work, check out his Instagram or his website below.

Kostis Nikolas – Camera Operator, DoP | London, UK – Videographer, Cameraman, Filmmaker, Corporate videos, Event Videos, Promotional Videos, Branded Content, Case Studies, Documentaries, Music Videos
London based Camera Operator (cameraman), Videographer & Dop, Kostis Nikolas, works in Music Projects, Branded Content, Promotional Videos, Documentaries, Corporate Videos, Case Studies and Events.

4. Thom Hoffman

Thom Hoffman is a filmmaker whose work spans many different genres. He likes to find the middle ground, mixing his experience with different genres together. He also works as a multimedia journalist, bringing that experience into his work as a documentary filmmaker. He created a short documentary in 2016 about Malaria which won an award and was featured on BBC World News. The documentary is an animated stop-motion style film, that showcases the current fight against Malaria and the challenges with it.

How did you become a documentary filmmaker?

In 2009 I managed to get a job making medical education films at a science journal. In my spare time I shot music videos, comedy films and short documentaries. A Guardian Science journalist saw my ridiculous 60 second remake of the classic surf film Point Break and got me in to make a couple of films for them. With a growing showreel I started making bigger and better documentaries, before going fully freelance in 2015. I went on to shoot in a fake Martian landscape in Slough, a real lab on Mount Everest and even at the Mariana Trench. I owe it all to figuring out how to film knee examinations.

Why did you get into documentary filmmaking?

My background is in psychology, and I studied Science Communication with a desire to bring science and art together. It has been said that art helps answer the question, How should I live my life’? That is certainly what connects my favourite podcasts and films. They give us access to a broader range of perspectives than we can otherwise experience. Documentary films can make you care about something hidden, understand new ideas, or make you feel differently. This is critical in helping us deal with the messiness of being a human, and navigating the big challenges we face in society.

Where can people find or hire you?

I love to find creative ways to tell great stories. Head to my website, and let’s make something that needs to be in the world.

How much do you charge?

I direct, or shoot-direct with all my own equipment, so rates can vary depending on the project.

Thom Hoffman is a filmmaker whose work spans many different genres. He also works as a Science Communicator, podcast producer and multimedia journalist, bringing that experience into his work as a documentarian He has won several accolades including Best Digital Producer at 2017 Audible AP Awards.

If you want to check out more of Thom's work, go to his Instagram or his website below.

Thom Hoffman
<p>Thom Hoffman is a freelance filmmaker, multimedia producer and consultant. His work is science, documentary, charity, music, and the underexplored spaces in between. Based in London, but travelling the world for stories.</p>

5. Katharine Round

Katharine is a filmmaker that has over 20 years of experience in documentary filmmaking. She has worked at several leading production companies and is known for sharing her knowledge of filmmaking with aspiring filmmakers. Her filmography includes The Divide which is a 2015 documentary focused on the rotting effect that inequality has on society.

To learn more about Katharine go to her Instagram or her website below.

The work of filmmaker Katharine Round

6. Lukas Schrank

Lukas Schrank is an award-winning filmmaker that is based between London and Melbourne. He has worked on several projects, one of his more notable ones being Nowhere Line. Nowhere Line is a documentary that follows 2 asylum-seeking men who are stuck in the Manus Island Processing Centre. The film won Best Short Documentary at Melbourne International Film Festival in 2015.

To check out more of Lukas' work, go to his Instagram or his website below.

Lukas Schrank
<p>Lukas Schrank | Director</p><p><a href=“”></a><br />+61 (0)401 203 898<br />+44 (0)7793227427</p><p> </p><p> </p>

7. Divya Pathak

Divya is an independent filmmaker with an impressive resumé that counts both producing commercials for big brands, working at YouTube and the Tribeca Film Festival. She currently works as a documentary filmmaker and has made several documentaries that have been screened at notable film festivals. One of her documentaries is called Contenders which revolves around 3 Indian girls, and their struggles in terms of becoming competitive boxers. If you want to check out more of Divya's work, go to her Instagram or her website below.

Divya Pathak
Website and reel of Divya Pathak, Documentary Filmmaker and Content Producer. Botis Seva: Air, Midnight City, Contenders, Code Therapy.

8. Tom Perry

Tom Perry is a fairly young filmmaker who has worked all over the world, working with several celebrity figures such as Anthony Joshua and Jamie Foxx. One of the things he has specialized in is creating documentaries. One of his films is called The Shovelers which is a short documentary centred around two elderly men who work at a horse auction house.

If you want to check out more of his work go to his Instagram or visit his website below.

South London Videographer l TP Films l Home
A personal project created whilst on a trip to The Isle of Skye.

9. Julian Langham

Julian Langham is a Filmmaker who previously has been featured on our list of Corporate Videographers in London. Julian has a large variety of skills within his craft, and one of them is documentary filmmaking. He has created the film Deeds not Words: which revolves around The Suffragette Surgeons of World War 1.

Check out his Instagram or his website below.

Videographer in London - Filmmaker, Editor, BBC trained
Videographer, video editor and filmmaker in Central London producing high quality videos and short films for marketing and promotion. BBC trained

10. Tristan Anderson

Tristan Anderson is a filmmaker and musician who also co-founded DocHeads. He has produced several documentaries for BBC and Channel 4. He has won a BAFTA and a Webby and filmed in Mongolia, Japan, US and more.

He has directed and filmed productions for the likes of the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, Fifa and CNN.

How did you become a documentary filmmaker?

Persistence, failure, luck, more persistence, more failure, and generally not giving up.

What’s your most inspiring story?

Inspiring stories can be found in the every day, you’d be surprised at how interesting an average person is when you take the time to talk to them.

Why did you get into documentary filmmaking?

I was always in love with the cinema and films from watching late night television as a kid, but I actually feel like documentary filmmaking found me. I worked in drama for a while but something didn’t click. The freedom, variety and opportunity to see the world and meet people I would not normally have the chance to meet in documentary filmmaking suits me very well.

Where can people find, and hire you?

People can go to my website and email me for any work enquiries.

How much do you usually charge for your work?

I am both a director and a shooting director so I have different rates for each. I own and operate a full Sony FS7 shooting kit so rates really depend on the job and platform it is meant for.

Go to his website below to check out more of his work.


11. Kathryn Ferguson

Kathryn Ferguson is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work has been featured on BBC, UN Women and several film festivals around the world. Kathryn Ferguson is originally from Ireland but is currently based in London. In 2018 she created a short documentary called Taking The Waters, which explores the meditative benefits of the sea at a community pool in Margate.


Check out her Instagram or her website below.

Kathryn Ferguson

12. Josh Cawthorn

Josh Cawthorn is a filmmaker that has a speciality in creating documentary videos for brands. He utilizes the classic documentary style in his brand videos, helping his clients better communicate their brand to the consumers. He has worked with several brands across the world including Sky, Nike, Guinness & Barclays.

Check out his Instagram or his website below.

Documentary Director
Josh Cawthorn is a freelance director, based in London. Josh works across TV, commercials and branded video content.

13. Bernard Bushnell

Bernard Bushnell is a film director that works with a plethora of genres of filmmaking including documentaries. He made a documentary called Talking to Grandma which features his grandmother and a conversation he was having with her about life. He directed, edited and filmed the documentary himself.

To check out more of his work, go to his Instagram or his Website below.

Videographer London | Freelance video editor | Promotional video maker | Itsbernard
<p><span style=“font-size:19px”>It’s Bernard represents Self shooting director, Video producer & Editor, Bernard Bushnell.</span></p>

Final thoughts:

This list featured but documentary filmmakers focused on feature films, short films and branded video. I hope it helped answer the question of who your next collaborator should be.

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