Are you looking for a company to handle your next creative project? Or are you in the interest of a new exciting job?

In this article, we go through some of the most exciting creative agencies in Denmark right now. These companies push the boundaries of creativity every single day.

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1. Signifly

Signifly is a Danish creative agency based in Copenhagen. They also have offices in Montréal and Oslo.

They have been working with creative projects and digital branding for over ten years now. They have received the famous Gazelle price for their growth five times during their lifetime.

They have previously worked with brands such as Maersk, Google, Mads Nørgaard and Viking. It's safe to say that their portfolio is impressive.

They always put their client first. To obtain great results, they believe in transparency, good work ethics and having fun!

Learn more about them below.

Signifly | Digital Innovation Agency
Signifly is present in Copenhagen, Oslo and Montréal. We help bold companies innovate by doing. Since 2010, we’ve designed, build, and launched award-winning digital products and services.


NORD DDB is a creative agency based in Copenhagen. They also have offices in Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm.

Their goal is to break brands into popular culture through creative and innovative means.

They have worked with many big brands such as McDonald's, HBO, Volkswagen and Läkerol. One of their most well-known cases is McBalenciaga.

In here, they made a single Instagram post, making fun of Balenciaga's recent collection. It gathered over $3,300,000 of Ad Value.

Check out more of their cases on their website below.



DIGILABS is a Danish creative agency based in Copenhagen. They also have an office in Bratislava.

They work with many types of digital marketing, including App design, Packaging design, content for their media channels and more.

DIGILABS describe their own work process as iterative. They use tools and creative thinking to fulfil the vision of their clients.

They have previously worked with brands like Ice Drop Records, Dance Your Style and Litoral.

You can learn more about them on their website below.

Digilabs Creative Agency - Creative Digital Studio Copenhagen
We are DigiLabs! A creative agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our team consists of young talented professionals and we focus on creating digital products and solutions connected to graphic design, web development, digital marketing, content creation, branding, video production, and photography.
macbook creative

4. Essencius

Essencius is another of the Copenhagen based creative agencies. They also have offices in Stockholm and Oslo.

They provide many different services such as Events, Social Media, Influence Marketing and other branding activities. They have previously worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Driscoll's, Singapore Airlines and Marc Jacobs.

One of their more famous cases is the #HappyMoves. In this case, they worked with both Coca-Cola and DGI and created a campaign that included multiple real-life events and video content.

Learn more about Essencius on their website below.

Home - Essencius
Hos Essencius er vi eksperter i brand aktivering og integreret kommunikation. Vi beskæftiger os med PR, influencer-marketing, sociale medier, og meget mere. Vi har fokus på jeres udfordringer og det kommunikative afkast, der er vigtigt for jer og jeres brand. I samarbejde med jer, afdækker vi jeres…

5. Think PR

Think PR is a Danish creative agency based in Copenhagen. They work with Social Media, PR and other types of communications all over Europe.

They help their clients improve their PR through several media and platforms. They work both offline and online. It all depends on what audience is being reached and what fits the project the best.

They have previously worked with clients like Amo, Adidas, Logitech and Opel. For Opel, they created a campaign called Ride Comfortably. It was a multiplatform campaign for the Opel Astra Sports Tourer. The campaign ended up generating over 3,4 million DKK value.

Check out Think PR on their website below.

Think PR - A Creative PR and Communications Agency in Denmark
We are Think PR, a creative communications and PR agency in Denmark, working across Europe with a strong digital reputation.

6. Awork

Awork is a creative agency with offices in Aarhus and Vedbæk. They are focused on digital marketing and everything it contains.

They help their clients set up websites, webshops and other relevant things needed for eCommerce. They also do all types of digital advertising like Facebook Ads and SEO.

They have previously worked with brands like Dansk Kassesystem, Det Gamle Bryghus and Montara Watches.

Visit their website below for more information.

AWORK Webbureau - Et af Nordens førende webbureauer
Førende indenfor webløsninger og online markedsføring. Specialiseret i Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, SEO og webudvikling.

7. Hudson Commerce

Hudson Commerce is the last of the creative agencies in Denmark in this article. They have offices in Glasgow, Manchester and Copenhagen.

They have a primary focus on e-commerce and provide a complete package for their clients. They help with the strategy, growth, infrastructure and everything else.

They have previously worked with brands like Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Zasimo and Eclipse Blinds. For Eclipse Blinds, they helped set up an e-commerce platform, replacing their old phone selling system.

Check them out on their website below.

Ecommerce Agency | Digital Agency | Hudson Commerce
We’re an ecommerce-first digital agency that builds superior ecommerce websites and craft digital marketing strategies to grow your business.

Closing thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article of 7 of the most exciting creative agencies in Denmark in 2021.

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